[Remote] Senior Ruby on Rails Developer @ International opportunity

Competencies that the candidate must have: ● Advanced English (verbal and written) ● +5 years of experience with Ruby and Rails. ● +5 years of experience updating Rails versions. ● +3 years of gem version upgrade experience (bonus if there is Sidekiq upgrade experience). ● Experience or desire to build in-house tools for other developers to use to make them more productive. ● Good collaboration and communication skills as this role requires close communication with other engineers and technical stakeholders.

About the company: California-based company, retirement platform automates plan administration, record keeping, compliance testing, investment management and more. And it gives small business owners and their employees the confidence to say yes.

Application: https://forms.gle/u7sbCMXZZYYtTT6A8

Fonte: https://github.com/backend-br/vagas/issues/8697