[Remote] Senior Python Back-End Developer @ International opportunity

Mandatory mandatory requirements: ● Fluent English. ● 6 years of proven and successful experience in backend development, high-level architectural decision making, and easy-to-use API development. ● 2 years of experience with managed application platforms: AWS (preferred) or Azure. ● +4 years of experience in Python (Exclusive). ● Excellent social skills, including end-user empathy, effective verbal communication, and collaboration skills. ● Minimum 3 years experience as a Technical Lead on your most recent charges with at least 10 people on the team.

Company Details: Software engineering company located in the United States. Founded in 1989 with great innovation in its sector, it develops software for business expansion in various sectors of the industry.

Requirement: - Knowledge of Node.js, .NET Core framework, C#, JavaScript, other general-purpose programming languages, as well as various SQL and noSQL databases. - Deep knowledge of multi-threading, concurrency, synchronization, database programming and database design, distributed systems, integrations, microservices and DevOps. Blockchain is an advantage. - Attended and disciplined documentation and writing skills.

Responsibilities: Develop, test, document and deploy software products in an agile CI/CD environment Analyze functional requirements for software and build RESTful APIs of solutions for ease of consumption Be an active and collaborative member of the team, advocating best practices and solutions.

Candidacy: https://forms.gle/FZtZHJAYBZMrYus86

Fonte: https://github.com/backend-br/vagas/issues/8797