[Remote] Back-end Developer @Voltz

Vision 👀

Redefine the mobility ecosystem to enable different models for insurance, credit, security & sustainability. Mission 🚩 Create a smart mobility ecosystem through smart electric vehicles and smart shared energy sources to achieve safe environments resulting in affordable prices, no pollution, lower finance interests and cheaper products with no maintenance.

Why join us 🤔 We are building a team from scratch and establishing a culture of operational excellence to learn through fast feedback loops focused on outcomes.

We value product minded people, eXtreme programming principles and practices and a high collaborative DevOps culture.

We have huge challenges ahead. From creating new business models and empowering our operations teams to connecting thousands of electric motorbikes and harnessing the power of all that data.

What your day will be like 📅

You will explore, ideate and measure solutions in a collaboration with highly skilled Software Engineers, Product Designers and Product Managers. You will design, build and deploy systems focused on quality and reliability. Testing, monitoring and observability are not optional. You will improve the day to day processes, practices and systems to improve the team's engineering excellence. You will have dedicated time to learn and help others learn. You will mentor other engineers to help them grow.

What we are looking for 🔎 We are very open to new languages, frameworks and paradigms. But on our teams we mostly work with Kotlin, Go and Java. Theoretical and practical background, ability and concern with technical excellence and good practices (TDD, pair programming, refactoring, design patterns, paradigms, etc.). Knowledge about system design, distributed systems, monitoring, alerting and observability. Familiarity working in a product team collaborating with Product Designers and Product Managers to investigate, ideate, design, build and measure iterative solutions that add value. Familiarity with the DevOps culture. You build it, you run it. Ability to design CI/CD pipelines and work with a feature flagging culture. Production is not the new staging, but almost. Pragmatism for problem solving assuming every problem has a simple solution. Structured communication based on facts and data. Excellent level of English; spoken and written.

What you will find 🚩 Amazing team aiming for excellence with the ambition to redefine the mobility landscape. Environment that seeks greater diversity and inclusion - here you are free to be you! Even if you are a meme. Accelerated growth, with hard-headed ninjas focused on outcomes. Feedbacks, constructive criticism and 1:1s (one-on-ones) rituals. Special discounts for purchasing our motorbikes and accessories. PC/Macbook, Flash Card for VR/VA, Medical and Dental Assistance and soon much more!

Apply: https://apply.workable.com/voltz-motors/j/05DE00A641/

Fonte: https://github.com/backend-br/vagas/issues/8807