[REMOTE] Senior Software Engineer (Full-stack) @Ubiminds

Descrição da vaga

We’re hiring a Senior Software Engineer to work remotely for one of our American clients from Brazil. If you’re up to the challenge, apply below.

What you’ll do


Remote from any state.


In order to succeed in this position, you will need



Nossa empresa

We at Ubiminds are a talent powerhouse, sourcing, recruiting and hiring sought-after tech professionals, from mid-level to leadership positions. Find out firsthand what it's like to work remotely for American SaaS companies from Brazil by listening to what customers and employees have to say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxfqmIPKxN8.

Como se candidatar

Apply at https://ubiminds.com/full-stack-engineer/.


Fonte: https://github.com/phpdevbr/vagas/issues/552