[REMOTE POSITION] Front End Engineer (Angular) @ Prediktive

We are looking for a Front End Engineer with extensive experience with Angular, based in Latin America to work on a long-term project for a Fintech Startup based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our client builds onboarding and payment solutions to Financial Services, Healthcare, and Logistics. Their stack is composed of a large variety of technologies such as Angular 8, Typescript 3.5, MobX 5.9.0, Bootstrap 4, Ngx-bootstrap for Angular Integration, Google Analytics, C#, Node, .NET Core 3.1, Azure Keyvault, Encrypted CosmosDB, SQL Server, Azure Functions (Webapps & API Mgmt), Swagger, and HTTPS. Also, these solutions are integrated into several third-party systems such as GIACT API set, LexisNexis, Real Search, SendGrid, Amazon: Simple Email Service (SES), Zip-Tax, NPESS, MATCH, and Taxware.

The person in this role should have top-notch software engineering knowledge. Passionate people open to new ideas and technologies will fit in our client’s Team.



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You can apply by filling this form: https://bit.ly/pso-163-frontend

Please include my name, Maria Bonel, when applying and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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