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Software Engineer

About arqgen: Arqgen is a São Paulo based architectural practice focused on generative and Artificial Inteligence based algorithm development for multi-scale architectural designs - from architectural interior layouts to urban planning(real-estate) scales.

Position: The ideal candidate will be a software engineer or similar aligned with devops culture. Most of the time the work will be design and implementation of software related to generative design. Review code and assist juniors developers in the team. We also expected that the candidate will be responsible to take care of the development infrastructure(use automation, reproducibles environment and other effectives practices to enhance the process), setup cloud infrastructure for computer intensive simulations(may involve setup a cluster for distributed processing) and on premise deployment. We work with automated tests methodology and agile based team workflow. We value code quality and reliability.

Profile: Technical and proactive, good communication, willful to operate and learn knowledge outside his area of expertise. Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science, software engineering, information systems.

Proficiency / Requirements: - Python 3; - Crafted high quality code with good practices of design. - Solid foundations on algorithms, data structures and software engineering. - Object oriented, functional and array programming(numpy); - Devops: CI, AWS, docker( or similar) and kubernetes( or similar) - “Microservices”(nothing advanced, we are starting with very few services) - Sql and no-sql dbs(stack is open to discussion being mongodb the main candidate); - At least 2 years of professional software development experience; - Git workflow(our code base is on gitlab);

Differentials: Experience / familiarity with: - Architectural software APIs (we use RhinoCommon, Archicad and Revit / forge); -C++, C#, Rust;(to access some apis and performance issues) - gRCP, ray (possible use in near future) - AI (CSP, solvers, search algorithms, machine learning); -Game APIs (Unity, possible use in far future); - gui desktop (we use Pysides); -Technical drawings;

Contact: www.arqgen.com.br [email protected]


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