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Esta é uma vaga de um parceiro da plataforma Coodesh, ao candidatar-se você terá acesso as informações completas sobre a empresa e benefícios.

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DevGrid is a UK-based high-end software consultancy with its development base in Brazil and operations across Europe and the USA. We believe that world-class software can only be built by a motivated and enthusiastic team, and in an environment that promotes creativity and free-thinking.

We are looking for a talented and experienced developer to join an international team working with one of the most innovative electricity retailers in Europe. This electricity provider is at the forefront of providing its customers with unparalleled levels of engagement and services.

This role is a great opportunity for anyone looking to work in a progressive environment and be part of a high-performance international team with lots of opportunities to learn and grow all aspects of your technical and non-tech skills.

Summary of Responsibilities:


DevGrid is a Full Stack software development company based in the United Kingdom with two delivery hubs in Brazil. We enable innovation and digital transformation by bringing together our strong company culture and our bright engineers with your innovative business vision.

## Habilidades: - Azure - CSS - HTML 5 - Laravel - PHP - GIT


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