From time to time, technology websites come and go, some with interesting content, some not that much. But there's one thing in common among many of them: content is often optimized for machines instead of people.

We at thePHP Website believe all developers, no matter which seniority level, deserve being treated like humans. Without hidden contexts, arrogance and no inflated egos.

The first author of this website, @nawarian, is a Brazilian born in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo. Since the beginning of his career he was part of the PHPSP community, where he learned about how communities work.

This website is for the community, is open and looks simple. The biggest intention is to offer the richest content as possible with maximum respect for its users.

thePHP Website's Values

Since its beginning and for ever, thePHP Website will bring with itself, by relevance order the following values:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Be direct
  3. Be open

1. Be respectful

The main value thePHP Website carries is the respect for its users. This is translated from the content to the design and layout choices.

The respect for reading, for user resources like network, battery, visual effort.

Like good engineers we all want a content that brings value much more than a cool interface and full of useless clutter that only consume and disrespect our time and resources.

We also don't want BS, half truths or data with no sources. We want opinions based on facts, texts with sources and proofs. We want code examples that look like daily engineering life ones, not things like $dog->eat($rice) and things that will only make sense on a child book.

2. Be direct

Every post aiming to answer a question or topic will do so. No fairy tales or unrelated texts with no connection to the subject.

This cheap SEO made by repeating keywords, creating fake links and repeating words/citations that are not relevant at all to the content won't be accepted here.

Every reader can feel free to complain about a content containing unnecessary information or long introductions. We don't care if our readers spend only 20 seconds in our pages, as far as these 20 seconds are enough to bring the information being seeked.

3. Be open

thePHP Website was born open and open it will remain. We'll accept content from whoever wishes to share with us, as soon as it aligns to our values above.

Every decision, numbers, statistics and plans can be asked by any person anytime.

But don't be fooled! thePHP Website is proprietary and commercial. Even though its intention is to return profits to the community in the form of services and content, there's still a team made of people receiving money for it.

So expect ads, banners or sponsored links from time to time. But you can also be sure they will ALWAYS be relevant to the content.

thePHP Website has a mission

thePHP Website's mission is to warm again PHP community and bring professional content to its readers.

We understand that the programmer's profession is one of the best ways to support individual social mobility and has great potential in developing countries like Brazil. And that content, services and courses development that support this are essential and should be considered on every word we choose writing.

thePHP Website is still young, but brings in its heart a big and explicit will to deliver service and content of great quality.

Your content here will always be received and accepted. Code changes as well. Everything that enables us to grow together, as a community.

If you liked what you saw and would like to be part of this project or even just support its growth, feel yourself invited to contact us via twitter (@nawarian), e-mail ([email protected]) or open an issue in our open repository or just mention thePHP Website on social networks using the hashtag #php and a link to us.


-- @nawarian